The BigBang Adventures

Zanzibar Archipelago

Stone Town Tour

Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine alleys and rich history of Stone Town. Wander through its UNESCO-recognized architecture, vibrant markets, and ornate palaces. Engage with Swahili culture and witness the harmonious blend of past and present.

Prison Island

Journey to Prison Island, where history and nature intertwine. Visit the ancient tortoise sanctuary and learn about its intriguing past as a quarantine station. Relax on sandy shores, surrounded by turquoise waters, and grasp the tales of this captivating isle.

Nakupenda Sand Bank

Unveil a hidden gem: Nakupenda Sand Bank. Accessible only during low tide, this untouched paradise promises serenity and crystal-clear waters. Revel in ultimate seclusion as you bask on ivory sands, embraced by the azure expanse.

Mnemba Snorkling

Set sail to encounter the graceful residents of the ocean. The Mnemba Dolphin Tour offers the chance to spot dolphins in their natural habitat. As you glide through cerulean waters, witness these magnificent creatures dancing through the waves.

Spice Farms

Immerse your senses in the aromatic world of Zanzibar’s spice farms. Engage in a sensory journey as you explore lush plantations, learning about the cultivation of exotic spices. Engage with the scents and flavors that have enchanted explorers for centuries.

Safari Blue

Let the ocean be your guide on the Safari Blue adventure. Sail through the Menai Bay Conservation Area, snorkel amidst vibrant marine life, and savor a seafood feast on a remote island. Indulge in nature’s bounty and the thrill of exploration.